the ONLY US initiative

the ONLY US initiative

There is no "them", there's only us. You and me.

The Case For ONLY US

There is no “them”, there’s only us. Our success as individuals, schools, communities, and societies is directly tied to our ability to see and understand each other in the context of “us”.

When we take the time to converse and understand one another we foster empathy, curiosity, and growth.

The Only Us Initiative is an invitation to make the world better by working together to grow up and face fears instead of embracing them. To conform when right and reform when not. Its goal is to inspire every individual to see and develop their own humanity, voice, and unique value so they can then come to see that same humanity and unique value in every other human in their home, school, job, and community.

Building a world where there is no “them”, there’s only us, benefits everyone.

This isn’t some lovey-dovey cause where we hold hands and dance to the music. This is about creating good things for ourselves and others by growing up, building, and participating in all relationships in win-win ways.

  • With “only us” anxiety, insecurity, doubts, and depression turns into excitement, curiosity, confidence, and peace.
  • With “only us” we get satisfaction by accomplishing common objectives instead of finding someone or something to blame.
  • With “only us” we understand each other in the complex ways required to truly appreciate each other.
  • With “only us” we no longer fear different.
  • With “only us” life gets to be the messy, challenging, beautiful adventure with each other that it should be.

Commit to ONLY US

Join us by committing to transform every “them” in your life into a mentor or mentee where you create, negotiate, compromise and build win-win relationships and create a world where there is ONLY US.

Show your support for the marginalized groups and individuals that you care about by adding your name to the cause. You’ll get access to regular interviews with interesting people, things to think about, good ideas you can take advantage of, and events you can participate in. Simply click “Join Us” below.

Create ONLY US

Creating ONLY US starts with each of us as individuals, you and me, learning and understanding how we perceive and believe things and gaining more skills in proactively growing, adapting, and improving ourselves. Along the way, we start developing the skills to work with each other to adapt and improve our relationships and world in win-win ways. These skills and experiences culminate in the characteristics and traits that will enable us to navigate ANY situation in a progressive and ONLY US way. We call these the Only Us 8 Traits:

Only Us 8 Traits
  • Trait 1: Thoughtful decision maker
  • Trait 2: Takes charge of their life
  • Trait 3: Perpetual learner
  • Trait 4: Objective focused
  • Trait 5: Skilled investor of time
  • Trait 6: Interpersonal master
  • Trait 7: Win-Win committed
  • Trait 8: Grateful and giving

Creating Only Us

CONVERSATIONS - Stories, perspectives, and advice from people like us.

Arizona Bill – Real Cowboy

Bill is a rancher and loves sharing the lore and secrets of the wild-west town of Tombstone, Arizona with travelers. He is one of the last real cowboys, taming an... Read More "Arizona Bill – Real Cowboy"

Chris – Principled Principal

Chris Earnest, or just “Earnest” as she’s affectionately called by thousands of her former students and colleagues, knows a thing or two after being an educator for over 30 years.... Read More "Chris – Principled Principal"

Clive – Future Mayor

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Clive has always aligned himself with the change-makers of the world and hopes to inspire true, positive change in the Big Apple. Through... Read More "Clive – Future Mayor"

Hayden – The Master of Humor and Music

Hayden is a student at Weber State University and the lead guitar player of the Utah-based band “Citrus.” Hayden grew up the youngest sibling of a military family, moving from... Read More "Hayden – The Master of Humor and Music"

Jared – One Amazing Teacher

Jared is an English teacher in Brooklyn, New York. He’s always looking for new opportunities to expand his mind, whether that be by traveling to a new place or reading... Read More "Jared – One Amazing Teacher"

Jennie – Gold Star Super Woman

Jennie is a mother, widow, and activist for a slew of causes, but the closest cause to her heart is education. The majority of her time she devotes to raising... Read More "Jennie – Gold Star Super Woman"

Kacy – Dreamer at Heart

Kacy is a Grenadian immigrant that came to the United States at the age of 10 - a Dreamer. Ever since, he’s lived in Brooklyn, New York and is now... Read More "Kacy – Dreamer at Heart"

Zoe – My Teacher from Hell, Turned Savior

Zoe is a senior at Weber High School, HOSA State Officer, and someone who regularly launches herself and her snowboard off vertical cliffs. Oh, and as a CNA, she regularly... Read More "Zoe – My Teacher from Hell, Turned Savior"

Devere – The People Watcher-Talker

Wandering the streets of New York, a man approached me and complimented my camera bag. We happened to have the same one. It was a simple coincidence, but this man... Read More "Devere – The People Watcher-Talker"

Creating Only Us

THOUGHT PROVOKERS - There's nothing better than a good idea or two!

Trait #3: Perpetual Learner

Understands the difference between learning as a creative endeavor and learning facts/skills/etc. Mindset: Understands how to make learning a reward instead of a job.Make a habit... Read More "Trait #3: Perpetual Learner"

Introducing the Only Us Eight Traits

The divisiveness, bigotry, and hatred that create “thems” is the product of ignorance and insecurity. We all come into this world ignorant and insecure. With... Read More "Introducing the Only Us Eight Traits"

Adequate Answers to Big Questions

Let's try and answer some of your questions about the Only Us Initiative and try and make a big idea into something a little more... Read More "Adequate Answers to Big Questions"