the ONLY US initiative
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Join Us

This is an invitation to make our world and our collective experiences better by working together to grow up, be thoughtful, and face our fears instead of embracing them. 

Building a world where there is no “them”, there’s only us.

Join the “Only Us” cause by registering as either an Advocate or an Ambassador.

Only Us Advocate

Join the community as an Advocate to:

  • Gain access to interviews and podcasts that interest you.
  • Share the Only Us Initiative with friends and family.
  • Make your relationships healthy and win-win.
  • Die (a long, long time from now) happy that you changed the world.

Only Us Ambassador

Get all the benefits of an Advocate, and more:

  • Get individualized training for mentoring others.
  • Create your own group/chapter of Only Us relevant to your organization.
  • Shape the Only Us Initiative in both content and direction.